Mold Consultation in Harlingen, TX & the Surrounding Areas, Including Mission, Edinburg & McAllen, TX

How Does Mold Affect Us?

Recently, indoor air quality (most often referred to as IAQ) has received an increasing amount of media attention in regard to homes, office buildings and especially schools. Specifically, the lack of indoor air quality and the presence of mold is perceived to be the cause of many recent illnesses running rampant in our country's school systems.

Given this concern, mold in schools and the quality of IAQ is receiving considerable legal attention. The EPA has estimated that nearly half of our schools have poor indoor air quality and that the disregard for the health of students and teachers can have serious ramifications for school systems.

You Need Us

You Need Us

Have you figured out yet why our mold consultations services are important? AAMECC LLC wants to catch the mold before the inspectors do and prevent you from having to pay fines or be penalized in other ways. Whether you represent a school system, hospital, government building or privately owned business, if your facility has not been inspected for mold, give AAMMECC LLC a call now.